“The eye should learn to listen before it looks."  - Robert Frank

Rebecca draws from her diverse background in all manner of the visual arts (drawing, painting, jewelry design and relief printmaking) in her headshot and portrait compositions.  She studied in Japan as an exchange student, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art with a focus on East Asian Art History. Next to Japanese stuff, painting and her cat named Kitchi, photographing people is what she loves best, and what she is most obsessive-compulsively a perfectionist about.  

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All photoshoots include consultation and a private gallery for proofing images, download and sharing.

Basic Headshot | $160

60-90 minutes

2 retouched images

Advanced Headshot | $210

2 hours

3 retouched images

Modeling In-Studio | $400

Studio shoot for portfolio or agency submission, includes headshot, comp card and 10 addional retouched images.

Modeling On-Location | $500 +

Location shoot for portfolio or agency submission, includes high-resolution headshot, comp card and 10 additional retouched images.

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